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Travel to Jordan bound by Holiness

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The Jordan river is the source of holy water in Christianity. The river has attracted pilgrims from across the world for centuries now. The Jordan River never has been the site of baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist. People consider the water of the Jordan river extremely holy according to Christian religious faith. Travel to Jordan this vacation for spending some memorable moments with your family members.

Travel to the Jordan River with a brief knowledge of history

The Jordan River is an important part of the Old Testament as the course of the river forms the boundary of the land between the Christians and Israelites. Later in the New Testament, the baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist makes the Jordan river an extremely holy place for the pilgrims. It is strongly believed that the baptism of Jesus has largely modified the spiritual status of the flowing water of Jordan river.

The Christians strongly associate life with the Jordan River. This river has witnessed the creation of God according to the Old Testament. The beginning of the Gospels started from the smoothly flowing Jordan river itself. And that is considered as the divine manifestation of God. The site of baptism of Jesus Christ became a popular site of pilgrimage from the 4th century CE. Till today, people travel to Jordan to celebrate the baptism of Jesus Christ.

Holy Sites To Peek In While you get ready to travel to Jordan

1. Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo has a special mention in the Old Testament. It is believed that here, Moses saw an extent of land that he would never enter. You can see churches dating from the 4th century BC in Mount Nebo.

2. Machaerus

This place is worth a visit for multiple reasons. This is the palace of the Herod during Jesus’ lifetime which is also the place where John the Baptist was later beheaded. If you travel to Jordan, do not dare miss the Machaerus.

3. Umm Qais

This place has a well pronounced spiritual background. You can find mention of this place in the stories of the Bible. Apart from the pilgrimage vision of the site, this place offers an abundance of scenic beauty amidst nature.

4. Pella

Dating back from the Bronze Age, this place is a must visit site of pilgrimage if you are visiting the Jordan River.

How to Travel to Jordan  River?

The nearest airport to Jordan River is Queen Alia International Airport. There are flights connecting the major airports across the globe to this airport. Book your tickets well before time to avoid any last minute rush.

From the airport, you can reach the river site with the help of a cab or taxi. It takes more than an hour to reach the site of pilgrimage.

What Is The Best Time To Travel to Jordan?

The best time to visit the Jordan River is between the months of October and February. The weather remains comfortable during these months and is perfect for a trip. Try to plan your travel to Jordan between these months if possible.



Jordan River has been the hallmark of spiritual enlightenment in the pages of Christian religion. Tourists pour in from all parts of the world to take a holy dip in the water of Jordan river. Jordan Pass Tours is one of the best trip organizing agencies that offer quality trips at the most affordable price. We have trips that focus on the spiritual ambience around the Jordan River. Contact us for further details to travel to Jordan safely.