Our classical tours are tailored to give the tourist the chance to explore most of Jordan. History, culture, and some adventure these are the main elements of this tour.
From Petra, the magnificent rose city, sculpted in the middle of the hard stones, with its fascinating archaeological sites from the treasury to the siq to the amazing theaters. To Wadi Rum, a real wonder in the middle of the desert with its stone cut structures and the outstanding clear sky in the middle of the desert. A real unique experience to enjoy the serenity of the south of Jordan.

In between, sometime in Dead Sea is needed, the lowest point on earth with its unique salty water with its medical use and minerals that help to heal different sorts of skin diseases. But not to forget, the Karak Castel, an amazing Islamic like architecture that used to military purposes.
With us, your Tour has a different taste and approach. We tailor this tour to make sure that you have a balanced mix of adventure, holy and historical experience. Our team is trained, qualified, and armed with long experience in running such tours, to achieve maximum satisfaction for our clients.

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To Amman, the beautiful city that celebrates many cultures from the Roman to the Islamic. A city that has so much to offer, from modern architecture to the simple lifestyles and way of living, with an amazing panoramic view in each area of Amman, but the citadel with its unique L-shape structures that take you back to the bronze age with a touch of the civilizations that came and reside there. But Jerash, or Gerasa, has a different approach in its significance, this city has the second biggest ruins after the one in Rome that can be found in Jordan. From the Hadrian’s arch to the theaters. There you can live the history and can imagine the significance of such a city in the Middle East at that time.