This kind of tour is allocated for tourists to feel the spirituality and the divinity of the holy sites in Jordan. Let the Bible come alive as you traverse and explore this unique region with our excellent team of tour guides and ground staff.

Here, our tours are tailored to cover the highlights of Jordan with a holy focus on the sites that have historical and religious significance. You will have a rich and holy experience where history and the spirit of the sites are felt by their senses.

The sites that included here are: Madaba, best known for its Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics, especially the most significant Byzantine-era mosaic map of the Holy Land in its famous St George’s Church. Then move to Mount Nebo, with its Brazen Serpent sculpture and the panoramic view over the Dead Sea and Jerusalem, where Moses saw the Promised Landed before he died. Up the north, Umm Qais, with its astonishing ruins, where the miracle of Gadarene Swine has been witnessed.  The Baptism or Al- Maghtas, a religious but holy site, Where Jesus Christ was baptized near Jordan River.  Not to forget, the astonishing Umm Ar-Rasas, with its magnificent mosaic floor in St. Stephen church. Lastly, one interesting site with a holy significance is Tel Mar Elias, where you can see and relive the history with its ruins of a Byzantine monastery dedicated to prophet Elijah, and many more, the places of the Bible will be brought to life, and with all arrangements in place, you’ll be free to simply sit back, absorb the content.

Our tours are tailored to cover the religious site and to have the fulfilling holy experience and to get the sense of the biblical importance. JPT team make sure to make your tours as exciting and interesting as you wish. Our team of guides have long experience in covering religious sites with a deep knowledge of holy land sites.