Jordan has many beautiful landscapes that make it a fabulous hiking destination. Starting north from the green forests of Ajloun down to Dana reservation with its wild nature and adventures hike trails to the desert of Wadi Rum with its unique rocky nature. Simply enjoy the wonderful weather, discover the hidden places, and enjoy the great views and the exotic places in Jordan.

Trekking trails include the trail from Petra to Wadi Rum, that often takes 5-6 days. During the hike you can explore the wild side of Wadi Rum dessert with its wild animals and the rugged Wadis with its unique sandstone buttes. On this trail, you will have the chance to see and visit places that are not visited often, as well you will have the chance to see the stars and enjoy a silent night in the desert and the clear sky. Another trail is Dana-Petra, this fabulous trek trail gives you the chance to experience the diversity of climate zones in Jordan with its diverse ecosystems. This rout ends in Petra, where you can explore the rocks surrounding the city and wander around the area.

JPT team helps you to make your own experience and adventure memorable. With their broad and deep knowledge of the hiking trails. They will offer you a unique experience and make you explore and see how Jordan is rich in terms of adventure. Not to forget, the friendliness of the people and the taste of Jordan and its historical sites.