A group gets life only when there is diversity. Group Diversity is essential for cumulative group activities, and going on a vacation to a dream destination is no different. At Jordan Pass Tours, we organize trips to different corners of the world. Our groups are intentionally kept small so that we can cater to the individual needs of each traveler.

However small our group is, we make sure there is diversity in our group. We are absolutely unbiased when it comes to choosing people for our trip. We strictly adhere to the ‘First Come, First Serve’ basis for organizing our tours. We always prefer heterogeneous groups for organizing vacation trips.

At Jordan Pass Tours, we are unbiased about age, gender, race, and any other type of barrier. Our trips are efficiently designed so that all people will enjoy the journey, no matter what biological gender they belong to. We sprinkle adventure, fun, and enjoyment into our trip and make the worthwhile journey remembrance for a lifetime.

Our group tours give equal priority to children, adults as well as geriatric groups. According to the policy framed by Jordan Pass Tours, we allow children only when accompanied by at least one guardian; it may or may not be a parent. We design our trips in the best possible way so that nobody feels left out during the tenure of the journey.

Speaking in terms of nationality, Jordan Pass Tours encourages everyone to join our team, irrespective of the country they belong to. Our policies are transparent, and we encourage zero tolerance for any biasedness, especially with regard to country or continent or, more specifically, region.

Jordan Pass Tours is very particular about conducting trips. We encourage group diversity at every level so that nobody feels left out of our travels. So, get ready for your next vacation. Your time starts now!!