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Are you done getting your visa approved for the upcoming Jordan trip? Do you know that 5 minutes of reading this blog can save you some hundreds of bucks? Well, we have a secret revelation of something called Jordan Pass, which will be your aid in saving quite a huge sum of money. Why not get a Jordan Pass for your entire troop and treat yourselves on some Mansafs with the savings later?

What is Jordan Pass?

You must be excited to know in and out about Jordan Pass. But before you dive deep into it, let us give you a sneak peak.

Jordan Pass is an official pass issued by the Government for tourists. This pass, in short, can be used in the most popular tourist destinations in Jordan to skip paying entry fees as well as the queue of visa checks and stuff. The Pass adds convenience to your trip while keeping in mind the budget of tourists.


When to apply for Jordan Pass?

You have to apply for Jordan Pass before you set your foot in the land of Jordan. Soon, after you get your visa approved, it’s all La La Land for you. Simply apply for Jordan Pass, and a copy of your pass will be mailed to you. On reaching Jordan, whether you are checking out of the airport or visiting Petra, just scan the pass, and all the red carpet goes off to welcome you! Sounds filmy, right?

How much time is required to get a Jordan Pass?

Jordan Pass comes in the top of priority list of travellers. So, the government ensures that the passes are issued to the tourists hassle free. In most scenarios, you will be getting your copy of the pass within 3 working days. But, during peak season the time may be prolonged. So, try to apply for the pass well beforehand.


How long will the Jordan Pass remain valid?

Once you get the pass in your hand, the countdown for a year starts from then and there! The pass remains valid for a year from the issuing date.

Once you scan the pass at the first tourist destination, it automatically expires after 2 weeks. The tourists are expected to complete all the tourist attraction sites within these 2 weeks.

Tourist Attractions where Jordan Pass is accepted

There are over 40 tourist destinations where Jordan Pass is overwhelmingly accepted. These include popular areas like Petra, Wadi Rum, Jerash and a lot more.

We have a detailed blog on these 40 places to visit with Jordan pass. Check it out here!

Eligibility to buy Jordan Pass

As a tourist, you must spend a minimum of 3 nights and 4 days in Jordan to be eligible to get the Jordan pass. You cannot get the pass if you are planning a stay shorter than this! When you are waving goodbye to Jordan, at the airport, the immigration system will cross check whether you have stayed for at least 3 days. If not, you will be directed to pay extra charges at the counter!

If you are going to visit Jordan from Saudi Arabia, then you do not need a Jordan pass. You get access to all tourist destinations just like another Jordanian.

Children below 12 years do not need Jordan pass if they are accompanied by their guardian who possesses the Pass. So, your children can enjoy the sites without paying a penny!

How many times can the Jordan Pass be used for the same tourist spot?

You can use the Jordan Pass only once for a particular spot. Supposedly, once you scan your pass in Petra, you cannot do it again with your pass. The second time you have to pay the entry fees!

This has been implemented because usually tourists visit one spot only once. To avoid malpractice with the pass, the entire system has been sketched out likewise.

Price of the Jordan Pass

Everything in life comes with a price, so is the Jordan Pass. The price of the pass is stratified into three categories and you have to pay the price according to the category you chose. The price categories are-

  • Jordan Wanderer- 99 USD (70JD)
  • Jordan Explorer- 106 USD (75JD)
  • Jordan Expert- 113 USD (80JD)


The only difference between the three categories is the number of days that you spend in Petra. The Jordan Wanderer gives you 1 day access to Petra, the Jordan Explorer gives you 2 days access to Petra and the Jordan Expert allows 3 days visit to Petra.

The prices have been approximated to the nearest whole number. Kindly cross check the updated price while getting your copy of the Jordan Pass.

Our Suggestions

If you are coming for a trip to Jordan, we would definitely suggest you to buy yourself a Jordan pass. You can actually enjoy the trip without a second thought of standing in long queues and paying entry fees everywhere.

Buy a Jordan Pass from a trusted source and make sure you carry a printed copy of the pass before you fly to Jordan. Jordan Pass Tours is all set to welcome you with the best facility and best itinerary in Jordan. So, when you have some ultimate money saving tips and the best tour operator right at your fingertips, what are you waiting for? Dive in, and let’s have fun this vacation.