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Jordan Pass- The Doorway to Incredible Experience

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Jordan has been the personal favorite of avid travelers. The reason? The scenic beauty of the country blends perfectly with the convenience offered to the tourists and that’s what makes the country one of the most visited countries worldwide. The travelers have the opportunity to avail a Jordan Pass for themselves, which opens the gateway to a convenient trip for a fortnight ahead!


 Jordan, the Beauty

Welcome to the country that baskes in the radiance of beauty! Right from Amphitheatre to Wadi Rum, the place seems all set to please your eyes. Do we even need to mention Petra separately?


The list of tourist attractions is endless and so you may feel it is slightly on the expensive side to buy tickets for each site separately after standing in long queues. Wherever there is a problem, there is a solution not only to solve it but to better the situation. We have the Jordan Pass for the tourists. The Pass allows one time entry to 40 tourist sites for a one time payment of 90 JOD. Skip long queues in front of tourist sites while you actually save your money!


Beauty lies in Soul

Greenery and architecture cannot blow souls in any foreign land! What blows in life is the warm attitude of the local people. The local people are very welcoming towards people from foreign land, and certainly this gives a positive boost towards the attitude of tourists.


You should not be surprised when a Jordanian offers you a cup of tea randomly when you are in the country! Moreover, the local people can be of great help when it comes to choosing a local dish in the restaurant or selecting a hotel for the stay (if you are a solo traveller, especially).


 The Mouth Says Wow When the Pocket Says So

The most expensive experiences in the world are obviously stuffed with Wow. But what if you get to know that you can do some effective budgeting in your trip while getting the same quality experience! For other places it may be a myth, but that is the reality in Jordan.


Jordan issues Jordan Pass to tourists coming from foreign land. The Pass includes your visa entry through the Amman International Airport and entry to 40 most popular tourist destinations (including Petra). The total cost of the pass is 90 JOD which is much less than the cumulative cost of all the places. Is your wallet smiling already?


Convenience is Another Term for Happiness

As a traveller obviously you would like to enjoy some convenience during your trip tenure. And Jordan has all well arranged for you. For transportation from one place to another in the country, you need not wait for a public bus. You can just rent out a car, with or without a driver, according to your convenience and drive wherever you wish to.


Now that you drive to a tourist site, you will see long queues at the ticket counter. Want to skip the queue? For that, you need to compulsorily have a Jordan Pass. Proceed to the Entry Gate, show the security guard your printed or soft copy of the Jordan Pass and enter the site complex. Sounds easy and convenient, right?


Safety is the Real Secret

The beauty of a place all bows down to the safety at the end. An unsafe place with some pretty sceneries is often a No-No for tourists. So, as a tour operator, Jordan Pass Tours always gives extra attention to the safety factor.


Unlike other neighbours, like Iraq and Syria, Jordan is completely safe for tourists. There have been no cases of unacceptable behavior towards tourists in the last few years. The local people are not conservative either. So, even if you are wearing a bold dress or going for a beer, the local people will shower the same affection towards you.



Jordan is certainly the doorway to an incredible experience ahead, and Jordan Pass is the key to that experience. Get yourself a Jordan Pass before you reach the country, sit back and enjoy the happiness of your trip being multiplied by some thousand times. Before you get the pass, check out the necessary information about the Pass. For any other queries, sneak peek into the website of Jordan Pass Tour. From itinerary to secrets about Jordan, the website has all. Happy Travelling!