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Top 5 Jordanian Delicacies to Try Out During Your Trip

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If food and travelling are the two comforting factors for your soul, then Jordan is the most ideal destination to cater for your craving for stunning attractions and mouth-watering cuisines. Securing a Jordan Pass can add more to your vacation as it serves more than 40 tourist attractions. As you can imagine, this pass allows you to explore more variety of food!

 Why Jordan Has Such a Rich Cuisine Scene?

With its advantageous location in the Middle East, Jordan has always served as the potpourri of cultural absorption and adaptation which certainly gets reflected in its cuisine also.


Sitting right at the intersection of human migration tracks for centuries, Jordan got the opportunity to taste the flavour of a larger part of the world and the country incorporated those flavours to enhance the beauty of its own cuisine. This is what you can relish as Jordanian cuisine now.


 Top 5 Jordanian Dishes You Must Not Skip During Your Trip

There is literally a plethora of appealing local delicacies in Jordan. While making the best out of your Jordan Travel Pass, it will be a sin not to taste at least some of the iconic dishes from the region. We have listed down the top 5 Jordanian dishes that no one should ever skip.



That one dish that Jordan is best known for has to be nothing else but Mansaf. They take so much time in the preparation of this legendary dish and they even make it look more tempting through an awesome presentation.


Although every chef has their own guarded recipe for Mansaf, its core ingredient remains more or less the same. Seasoned with fresh herbs and aromatic spices, lamb is often cooked with onion mixed with curd to bring a tender and juicy texture to the meat.


Mansaf is best served with a pile of rice along with Bedouin bread. Few love them with a topping of pine nuts or almonds.



The second in this list of the best 5 Jordanian local foods has to be Maqluba. If you take the literal meaning, Maqluba means “upside down”. Why is this name? The answer lies in its preparation method.


Maqluba is prepared with meat or chicken placed on the bottom of the pan. Then it is topped with layers of rice and spices. When the dish is ready, the pot is flipped over onto a large plate leaving meat and chicken on the top.


For more flavours, Maqluba is garnished with lemon slices, parsley and fried pine nuts or other types of nuts.



When you are on a wonderful vacation in Jordan, one of the most fascinating food experiences is waiting there for you and without Zarb it is incomplete. This local cuisine is overloaded with aroma and exquisite ingredients found in this part of the world.


Zarb is a type of Bedouin barbeque dish prepared in a very traditional and unique method. Meat is roasted for hours in an underground pit. So, it is best to make this dish an integral part of your trip especially if you are up for a traditional Bedouin desert camp.



The dish also features a heap of other spices and vegetables alongside the lamb, goat or chicken. Eggplants, potatoes, tomatoes, onions and peppers are the most common side ingredients to prepare Zarb.



If Mansaf is the ‘national dish’ of Jordan, then we can’t deny the title of ‘national drink’ to Limonana. You can spot it everywhere across Jordan. On a hot day (likely to have on your Jordan trip), this drink feels so refreshing and rejuvenating.


Limonana is basically a slushy made with the right amount of ice, spearmint, sugar and whole peeled lemons. We will advise you to take small sips of this drink to enjoy its slightly minty flavour. Slurping it down too quickly can cause you a headache. So, take your time with Limonana!


As you finish your meal with a dollop of dessert, we will be closing the list of these 5 fabulous and traditional dishes of Jordan with Kanafeh. There are so many traditional sweets in the country, but Kanafeh is a staple item for every occasion and festival.

Cheese is undeniably the most delectable ingredient in Kanafeh which is laced with semolina. This sweet delicacy is best served with plenty of sticky rose-scented syrup when topped with chopped or crushed pistachios.

The best part of having a Kanafeh is getting a chance to enjoy the top crunchy crush and soft cheesy bottom simultaneously.


The Jordanian food scene is immensely diverse just like the country’s history, heritage, culture and landscapes. When you are in Jordan, you can enjoy a lot of variety from the Mediterranean part too. So, don’t waste any time planning for a Jordan Pass Tour and make a list of places and dishes you wish to experience. Happy holidaying!