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Five Minute Hacks for a Trip to Jordan

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Are you searching for some quick hacks for your upcoming Jordan trip? Do you want some toppings on your quirky vacation plan? We have a box full of mind blowing hacks for you. These hacks will sound better if you are already having a Jordan Pass. Because, owning a Jordan Pass is the biggest hack in Jordan in the first place.


  1. Best Time for Jordan Trip

Apply for a leave anytime between March to May or between October to November, for a fascinating Jordan trip. Spring is undoubtedly the most eyed season by tourists for a spectacular trip. But if you are like a no-crowd person, then choose anytime on either side of the peak season! It is actually


  1. Apply for Jordan Pass

Jordan Pass is the absolute saviour for tourists at any time. The pass gives you access to 40 most popular tourist destinations including Petra at a reasonable cost and zero hassle. You can skip long queues in all these sites and save yourself a lot of time.


Apply for the Jordan Pass well ahead of time to ensure a smoothie coated trip. To know more about Jordan Pass, you can check our latest blog, The Pros and Cons of Jordan Pass. For any other queries regarding the Jordan Pass, contact Jordan Pass Tours.

  1. Transport in and Around Jordan

Jordan is a compact and well planned country. You need not waste hours travelling on the roads. Usually one tourist spot is a couple of hours away from the other, so you are always on the go!


Public transport is available but not in sufficient numbers. The best advice we can give you is, if you are having a valid driving licence, then rent a car and drive it yourself. This is a better option than rented cabs considering you get to travel at your own pace and enjoy your trip.


  1. Language

Once you get down at the Amman Airport you will hear the local people speaking in some language that is completely alien to you. That is Arabic! English is also widely spoken especially near the tourist spots. If the Jordanian local people can go out of the way and learn English for you, you can also grasp some quick phrases like Mer-ha-ba (hello) and Shok-ran (Thank You). These Arabic Phrases will help you a lot in gaining love from locals during your trip.


  1. Local People

Now that we have spoken so much about language, a special mention about local people should also be there. The locals are extremely heartwarming and they are ready to help you in any situation. Right from buying you a cup of tea to giving you directions, the local people are extremely selfless.


All you need to remember is to say ‘Thanks’ or ‘No Thanks’ to their offerings. The people are not very pushy and simple polite words are enough to suffice them.


  1. Dress to Wear in Jordan

Once you get your copy of the Jordan Pass, it is time to fill your shopping bags! You can wear anything and everything under the sky that you feel like. The Jordanian people are not at all conservative. So, ladies, whether you want to wear bikinis or long skirts, the dice is yours! There are no restrictions whatsoever regarding dressing for men and women alike.


  1. Food and Drink

If you have some ultra sensational taste buds, then Jordan is the place for you. The dishes are extremely easy to prepare but the blend of spices gives a tasty touch to them. We have a blog detailed on the local delicacies of Jordan. Do not forget to try them all out once you are in the country.


Since Jordan is an Islamic country, you will find it a tough time to search for a bottle of beer. Most of the restaurants are dry and have no options of cocktails whatsoever. However, some rooftop restaurants or tourist bars often sell alcohol based drinks.


  1. Smoking

Most of the people in Jordan smoke cigars, cigarettes or any form of nicotine. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are an occasional smoker or a chain smoker, you will find plenty of them in Jordan. There are smoking zones in almost all of the popular tourist spots. Wherever you are, find the smoking zone and you can go ahead with your cigarette.


  1. Cost Cutting Hack

You must be waiting for this hack since the beginning! Jordan is quite expensive for the tourists if you do not know how to do some effective cost cutting. Get a Jordan Pass for yourself compulsorily if you have a plan to visit Petra. It brings down your cost even if you skip all 39 other destinations.


The local currency is JOD. There are ATMs available round the corner of every street. But make it a habit to carry some cash with you. If you are a snack munchkin, then without cash you will just keep on staring at local delicacies. Check out the best local delicacies in Jordan.


  1. Is Jordan Safe?

The question that keeps coming to your mind again and again! The geographical location of Jordan between two raging countries like Syria and Iraq has made the world believe that the safety of tourists in Jordan is compromised. But the truth is otherwise!


Jordan is extremely safe. The local people welcome tourists from different lands with smiles and pride. There are absolutely no incidences of theft, robbery, assault or anything upon the tourists in the past few years.



Jordan is all set to welcome you in your next vacation. Book your tickets early and apply for Jordan Pass. You will save time and money, which is actually an impressive combination for travelers. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Jordan Pass and fly high!