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A Morning in Amman

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Spending a morning in the beautiful city of Amman is a blessing in itself. You must be thinking, what is the best way to spend a morning in Amman, and here is your guide. Read through the blog, and get to know some hacks to spend a peaceful morning in Amman.


Get up Early: a fresh start to a Morning in Amman

Do not simply lie on the bed wasting your time. To make this beautiful tour more beautiful, get up from bed as early as 5:00 a.m. To add toppings to the beautiful city, the warm orange light of the rising sun will give you goosebumps. Gear up to see this amazing view from the comfort of your balcony.


Yoga and Meditation

Give some me-time to the wonderful soul that you possess. And what can be a better way to embrace yourself other than yoga and meditation. Spare a quarter of an hour on some meditation amidst the fresh morning air of Amman. These activities will not only freshen you but give you a booster energy to start the day with a bag full of energy.


Charge up your devices

We know you are now charged up, but what about your devices? To capture some wonderful moments, you need to charge up your phone, camera and other photo devices that you possess. Apart from charging, also look into other parameters like memory and photo settings. Memory space is often a wall sized constraint when it comes to photography. So, take a backup to Cloud and free up storage space in your device memory.


Freshen up Yourself and Pack your bags: for a short trip during morning in Amman

Take a bath and get ready for the day. Wear dresses according to the target destination in or near Amman. And yes, a mirror selfie before starting the journey is a must! 


Carry a sleek lightweight bag for yourself. Do not carry a heavy bag, as you will be wasting a major part of your energy in carrying around your bag. Carry a water bottle along with a few necessities and you are all set to go for the day. You can also carry a few packets of biscuits or chips to keep your mouth moving throughout the trip.


Finish your Breakfast: Tasty delicacies at morning in Amman

Try to break your night fast with a healthy plate of food. It is better to take the first dish of food from the resort where you are staying. You will be skipping long queues in this way while not compromising the hygiene of the food.  


Hop for a Sightseeing Spot: Short trips to Morning in Amman

Amman is a place wrapped with beauty, all served in its best form for the tourists. So, step out of your comfy hotel and go some history hopping. Who knows, you may fall in love with history once more! Appreciate the white beautiful walls of the city as you take a stroll around the corners of the city.


1 . The Citadel and the Umayyad Palace

Climb up the steep hills of the Jebel Al Qala and you will experience the soft rays of the sun against your skin. You will get to see some rare and antique bronze age artifacts that will leave you spellbound. Hug history as nature blesses you on this merry little trip. And do not forget to drop comments on how much you like this place.

2. Roman Amphitheatre

From the citadel around 11:00 a.m. you can go to the famous Roman Amphitheatre. The intricate designs of the area will definitely impress you. This 2nd century monument has the capacity to seat around 6000 seats. Apart from the seating place, there is the front stage, the wings and even the grand dressing rooms. To experience this royal piece of architecture, visit none other than the Roman Amphitheatre. 


Calm down your hungry tummy: A happy end to a morning in Amman

Dring, dring! It is time for lunch. Quickly take a toss on what to eat for lunch. Likewise, visit any of the top restaurants serving the tastiest of that particular dish. Are you confused on what are the must-try foods in Jordan? Click here to take a sneak peek into that. We promise we will not take a long time. 


And finally your morning is over! We wish it would have been longer, do you wish the same too?


So, how did you like our favorite type of morning in Amman? Do not forget to drop comments about the same. For other such brain cracking ideas, visit the blog section of Jordan Pass Tours. And if you are still in a dilemma on how to go for a tour to Amman, then contact Jordan Pass Tours now. Our slots are getting filled! So hurry up, travelers!