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Jordan Pass- The Pros and Cons

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Jordan is a country that is always a step ahead in welcoming tourists with a warm heart. As a tour operator, we do always advise you to get yourself a Jordan pass before you land here. But has anyone spoken on your behalf? Whether you should actually buy the pass or not? Well, today’s blog is certainly going to benefit you because for the first time, we are going to discuss the pros as well as cons of Jordan Pass vividly.


 Jordan Pass or Harry Potter’s magic wand?

How many times have we all wished that we own something like little Harry’s magic wand? In the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Jordan Pass is that magic wand which spreads happiness along the footsteps of the tourists. The pass has actually introduced the word ‘convenience’ to the dictionary of tourists!


 Jordan Pass: The Need of the Hour for Tourists

Imagine yourself standing in long queues to get an entry ticket for yourself! Must be quite irritating, right? Now, imagine 40 times this irritation! Well, it was just disgusting imagery. And if you don’t want to experience this all over in a foreign land, then Jordan Pass is your saviour. The pass gives you an authority to enter 40 places in Jordan without paying a single penny extra.


The pass includes your visa to enter the land of Jordan and other tourist centric places that you all must be waiting to visit. Would you actually believe me if I say, Petra, the most expensive UNESCO world heritage site is included in this pass? And guess what, the pass costs only 70 JOD! If money saving is an art, a sensible tourist with a Jordan Pass in hand is certainly the artist.


The next best thing about this tourist favourite pass is the validity. It comes with a whooping validity of 12 months. If you are planning a trip to Jordan this Christmas, you can buy the pass now onwards! But once you check in from the Amman Airport, your pass will be activated for the next 30 days, with only a fortnight time to visit all 40 destinations. Are you confused about how to visit all sites in a fortnight? Jordan Pass Tours is here to help you. Check out the latest blog on the itinerary of Jordan trip with Jordan Pass.


 All Pros in a nutshell

  • Cost effective
  • No extra fees on visa entry
  • Time saving
  • Tension free travel
  • One year validity from date of purchase
  • Quite fast service regarding issuing and grievance related to Jordan Pass
  • You need not worry about cash withdrawal and spend half of your day hunting for some ATMs


 Jordan Pass: The Trap

Nobody speaks about the flip side of the coin. But if you are paying money, you should know the head and tail of it! Check out the reality before you proceed with your decision of buying a Jordan Pass for you and your family.


 Why should you not opt for Jordan Pass?

As a tourist, you must have done some Pinterest and Instagram browsing before you hands on a particular destination. And what if I suddenly tell you that Jordan Pass does not allow entry to some of those spots that you have glued to your imagination since last few months? And yes, that is the reality.


Petra by night is a wild craze among tourists of all ages, but unfortunately Jordan Pass does not cover that. Like everyone else, have you wanted to float on the Dead Sea since childhood? You will not get it covered under the Jordan Pass. You will be missing out on places like Wadi Mujib if you are only relying on the Jordan Pass for your trip.


Also most importantly, you cannot plan a short trip to Jordan with Jordan Pass. You need to spend at least 3 days to enjoy the benefits. Time is often a constraint among tourists. So, I would definitely advise you to plan your trip well ahead keeping this trap in mind.


 All Cons in a Nutshell

  • Not valid across some popular destinations. (Check the list priorly)
  • Travel itinerary in Jordan should be at least or more than 3 days
  • Does not include services like Jeep in Wadi Rum
  • The Pass does not bring a tour guide with it!


 Is the Jordan Pass worth it?

The  question that keeps coming to me again and again. I would definitely recommend you to get a Jordan Pass for yourself. But, as a responsible tourist, prepare a detailed itinerary beforehand to ensure no hassle in the trip. If you need any help regarding the trip itinerary, you can contact Jordan Pass Tours. We are experienced tour operators who can curate and personalise itinerary based on your choice and recommendations. Go and check out the website for other cool deals related to this upcoming trip of yours. We are equally excited to travel with you. Till then, happy travelling!